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What is Laser?

LASER (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is a device that helps in emitting light via a process of optical amplification. Today, it is used in various industrial applications.

What are the types of machine we work on?

Laser cutting
Laser marking
Laser welding

What is the difference between laser marking & laser engraving?

Marking is just removal of material surface without going too deep & engraving is removing the deep surface of material by repeating the passes of laser with improved power.

Which the best technology for cutting of materials like MS, SS etc. (Laser or Plasma or Waterjet) ?

Laser is the best option for cutting where accuracy is dead of major importance. We always prefer to use laser technology for less than 7mm thickness materials.

What kind of materials laser can cut and also at which thickness?


Mild steel – 20mm Max / Stainless Steel – 16mm Max / Aluminium – 5mm / Brass – 2mm / Copper – 2mm

Non-metal –

Acrylic/ Plexiglas/ double color board/ ABS board/PVC board/ bamboo/ MDF/ wood/ paper / leather/ fabric/ wool/ rubber/ resin – 20mm

Can we weld Jewellery?


Can we mark on Jewellery?


What kind of materials laser can mark on?

Mostly all kind metal as well as non metals

What kind of materials laser can weld?

SS, MS, Aluminum, dissimilar metals.

Can dissimilar materials be welded through laser welding?

Yes, but again vary with the kind of material ​and dissimilar ​welding depends upon the properties of both the material.

Can we mark on rock or stone ?

Yes, but ​need to check the properties of the stone or rock first..

Can we cut ceramic tiles?

No, Waterjet is the best option.

Can we cut glass?

No. We can mark as well as engrave on glass.

Can we give half cut using laser cutting ?

No, but you can use two materials & sandwich them to make them appear Royal.

Can we cut rotary pipe in any shape or size?

Yes​ For MS & SS​.

Can we cut paper, cardboard & other paper materials?


Can we cut Korean?


Can we do fabrication job?